Why are these guitars so gosh darn cheap!? Like, what the heckity heck!?

Simple! Fender Squiers, Ibanez SDGR basses, etc, start at $179 with free shipping, so how much more can I really charge? Ya know? Makes sense, right?

Where are the guitars made?

The guitars are made in China, like every other other guitar under $500 these days, unfortunately.  😒 BUT! They ship from warehouses here in the US, and if you don't order on a weekend, they usually arrive in just a couple days! 😀

What is your return policy?

We accept 100% off all return requests, and we will pay for your return shipping label.

Once you ask for your return, we'll give you a return shipping label and you just have to make sure the carrier gets the package. Message us once the carrier has the package, we'll confirm with the tracking number, and then we will issue you a refund of 100% of the money spent, including any and all shipping or tax expenses. 😎👍