Hey there! I'm Leo Black and This baby's a beautiful clone of a 5 string Ibanez Soundgear (SDGR) / GSR200 basses with 2 Jazz Bass pickups, and the pickups sound BETTER than an actual Ibanez! She’s a full scale, 24 fret bass with a silky smooth maple neck, Rosewood Fretboard, and a sleek, sexy finish you’ll want to show off the moment you open the box! And she sounds better than she looks! The tone you get from the P-Bass pickup is “bring down the roof” gritty, and the Jazz Bass pickup is so sweet you won't even want to hear the rest of the band. And she comes with a 20 watt amp! (Basses are pre-set up) BASS SPECS: Material: Body - Basswood with Gloss Finish Neck - Maple Fretboard - Rosewood Size - 44.1in x 12.6in x 1.65in Weight - 8.2 lbs Scale Length - 34in (Full Scale) Nut Width: 1.656 in Fretboard Radius: 15.75" Pickups - 2 Pickups: 2 Generic Jazz Bass style Pickup (Single Coil) AMPLIFIER SPECIFICATIONS: Wattage: 20 Speaker Size: 6.5" Size: 11"x11"x4" Weight: 5 lbs

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