Hi! I'm Leo Black and what we've got here is a full size 5 piece drum kit with everything included! She’s a beautiful, Jet Black drum kit and she sounds and plays every bit as good as she looks! She boasts a thunderous bass drum that resonates with a primal thump, a snare drum that pops and snaps with a perfect intensity, and 3 toms that have juuuust the right boom to them! And not to mention that the kit comes with a 16 inch ride cymbal, hi-hats, a drum throne, pedal, and stick! DRUM SPECS: Material: Shells: 9ply Poplar Skins: Double: Layer Oil Sticks: Maple Dimensions: Bass Drum: 22 inches x 16 inches Floor Tom: 16 inches x 16 inches Mounted Toms: 13 inches x 11 inches & 12 inches x 10 inches Ride Cymbal: 16 inches Hi-Hats: 14 inches Drum Throne 10.8 inches x 19.5 inches with 5 inches height adjustment

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